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Piles is an ballooning structure of blood vessel of anal canal or rectum. Rectum is the end part of large intestine any over growth of muscles/blood vessels or any inflamed vein develop piles .this is very common ano rectal disease which can happen to every male/female in his life span. Piles/hemorrhoids is also genetic disorder in some patients,so no matter you are following good diet and exercise this is passes through your ancestor. And you have to accepted this might be you can control the symptoms of piles/hemorrhoids by good diet and exercise but once they develop then surgery is last option.

Types of piles/hemorrhoids/bawaseer ?

Piles are differentiate by its location if it is develop inside the anal canal then its is called Internal piles/hemorrhoids
Or piles/hemorrhoids develop out side the anal canal then it is called external piles/hemorrhoids.
Internal piles further divided into 4 stages according to its growth development

Stage 1:- starting stage of piles having not any bigger symptoms ,patient wont complain of any pain, swelling but some times during excessive force during motion patient can complain of some blood drop comes out with stool


Stage 2:- Once the stage 1 crosses piles are getting bigger and increase symptoms as well. Patient will complain of heaviness in long driving/sitting, recurrent bleeding ,swelling peri anal region .piles-stage2

Stage 3:-This stage is very painful to the patient because during passing stool piles comes out and patient has to put them back with his finger. Stage 3 hemorrhoids is also called” prolapsed hemorrhoids “patient facing many problem during this stage like painful defecation, Constipation , gastesitis ,incomplete bowel.piles-stage3

Stages 4:- this is the last and emergency stage of piles in which piles comes out and remain outside, patient comes with unberevbal pain ,in this stage proctosurgeon need to fix prolapsed hemorrhoidspiles-stage4

Symptoms of Piles/hemorrhoids:-

Stage 1 piles

• Perianal Itching
• Small inflammation
• Blood drop in excessive force during motion
• Not visible
Stage 2

• Swelling at anal region
• Recurrent blood drops
• Painful defecation
• Mild heaviness

Stage 4
• Heavy bleeding
• Piles comes out and never go back even by finger.
• Patient is not able to defection.
• Not able to walk due to pain
• Also know as Prolapse hemorrhoids.
Stage 3

• Severe pain during defecation
• Heavy bleeding
• Piles comes out (mucosal prolapsed) and using finger they goes back
• Died tissue is also seen

Causes of piles/haemorrhoids/bawaseer

Blooming of Piles/hemorrhoids/bawaseer  factors are totally depending upon person Diet,exercise,long sitting habit or sometimes piles are heredity as well.
But some factors are responsible and associate in piles growth.
1. Heredity
2. Long sitting/driving-due to long sitting ,anal muscles become fatigue or anal/rectum veins inflammation
3. Heavy weight lifting-due to weak sphincter muscle causes piles blooming during heavy weight lifting
4. Recurrent constipation-due to constipation, sometimes patient can’t pass stool smoothly, for passing stool he has to apply pressure to anal muscle which increases the chances of anal vein and muscle inflammation.
5. Pregnancy-Pregnant woman are having more chances of piles before and after delivery because of loose pelvis floor muscle
6. Less fiber diet
7. Less water intake

Diagnosis for piles/hemorrhoids/bawaseer:

Mostly piles-hemorrhoids-bawaseer  are easily diagnosis according to its stages or sympotomes.But in the early stage of piles , doctor need to do some examination procedure, he will examined your rectum by the proctoscope,this procedure is called as proctoscopy,it is a glass hallow tube which is inserted into rectum after applying lubrication. so doctor can easily take a proper look of your rectum/anus.This procedure is painless.
Before this procedure he can ask some question which are related to your symptoms.
• There is any blood on your stool while passing motion?
• During motion/passing stool some mucosal coming out?
• Are you constipated?
• Any history of bowel movement changes (like3-4 times in a day)?
• Any burning/itching/picking sensation after passing stool?
• Is there any swelling at anal region?

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